March 24, 2023

The Amber drinks limited empowerment program aims to provide Nigerians the opportunity to own and grow their businesses through soft loans and business support initiatives. It was introduced as a solution to the challenges of unemployment and targeted at poverty alleviation.

This Amber Energy Drink Empowerment Programme 2021 will help generate jobs and income, and encourage local entrepreneurs to go into the energy drink distribution market, thus helping them transform their economies to become more independent, equitable and sustainable.

Amber Energy Drink Empowerment Programme 2021 will provide a start up loan of N100,000 with a below-market rate of interest and a 3 months repayment plan is provided to the beneficiaries of the program. This loan will be given in form of products to help kickstart or sustain beneficiaries who are looking to start trading in Amber Energy drink or already own retail store outlets.

Each beneficiary starts with a minimum of 20 cases and grow to a minimum of 25 cases every week. Under this Scheme, Amber Drinks Limited would empower atleast 400 applicants quarterly. We also plan to increase this number as the program progresses.

Amber Energy Drink Empowerment Benefits

  • Our beneficiaries will have access to soft business loans to help them position their business rightly.
  • They would also benefit from the rent-to-own initiatives where applicants can own an Amber Recharge spot by just selling a minimum required amount of Amber Energy Drink every month.
  • We will be hands on to support our beneficiaries with free business consulting and trainings as well as POS merchandise.

Amber Energy Drink Empowerment Requirements

The minimum requirement for qualification is set at the basic ability and capacity to learn and be teachable.

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The following have also been listed as the basic pre-conditions for eligibility:

  • Applicant must be a Nigerian male or female above 18yrs of age.
  • Applicant must have a means of ID (National ID card, International Passport, Voters Card).
  • Ability to communicate in Basic English language and or any local Nigerian language.
  • Provable upright character and a stable mind.
  • Beneficiary should posses the capacity to mentor pairs within their communities.
  • Applicants must complete a Guarantor’s form and send a scanned copy to

Fill the Form here

For more information on how to apply: Visit Amber Energy Drink Empowerment Programme.